There are a number of websites with search engines devoted to helping you find government job postings. Some are helpful, some are scams – just keep in mind that government jobs aren’t a secret, and there’s no reason to pay anyone money to find government job postings. By using even the most general search engine like Google and Yahoo, you can find government job postings. And there are websites run by different branches of the military and agencies that post ads to find government jobs specific to their needs wapda jobs.

If you know which governmental entity you hope to work for, first try going directly to their agency website to find government job postings in that area. Then start with simple job title words to describe what you’re looking for – accounting, medical, computer, janitor, etc. Be creative, though – the federal government is very good at making up convoluted job titles for simple occupations! Using a “wild card” character in your search – an asterisk (*) will yield more results. If you enter “scien*”, for example, you’ll retrieve entries for will fetch “scien,” “science,” “sciences,” “scientific,” and “scientist.” Some job categories will offer just one or two listings, while others will yield many. When that happens, narrow the search with more specific terms – “computer science,” for example.

If you know the series or grade number of the government job you’re looking for, you can enter that as well. It’s a fact of life in government service that employees often identify themselves by series and pay grade numbers – “In my last job I was a 1730-5, but then I got bumped up to 2012-8.” By entering the series and grade numbers – provided you know what they are – you can find postings for jobs in a series at a specific grade.

When trying to find government job postings in city or state government, it’s often smart to go directly to the city or state web page first. From there, you can usually find government job posting links to specific agencies within the government, leading to the actual posting. Sometimes the city or state webpage will link to an employment page for the entire governmental system – in this case, you can often find government job postings and apply for those jobs directly online using the system’s job database. Make sure you read the requirements for applications carefully and submit everything that the government job posting requests, or your application may be rejected. And don’t give up easily – government is made up of bureaucracies within bureaucracies, so if you don’t find government job postings that you want right away, keep searching until you do.